A full range of tailored retail cleaning services

Retail cleaning service

Maud’s Home & Ofice have over 15-years experience in retail cleaning; providing best in class cleaning services for high street and out of town retail parks throughout the country.

Health and safety regulations make it essential that all carpets, flooring and floor surfaces in shops, supermarkets and shopping centres are kept clean and tidy in order to avoid accidents or accidental injury.

Our investment in the latest cleaning equipment ensures we can clean every floor surface, including heavy duty shop carpets, marble and tile floors. Our professional teams are well equipped to clean indoor retail floor surfaces. These range from hard wearing carpets in shops and retail stores, non-slip hard flooring, floor surfaces in supermarkets and classic marble and terrazo tile floors in shopping centres, airport lounges, railway ticket offices, exhibition and conference centres, to reception areas and food halls.

Our Retail Cleaning Services Include:

  • Public areas cleaning
  • Public conveniences and washroom facilities
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Large floor areas
  • Concourse surfaces
  • Ventilation cleans

We understand the pressures of the retail marketplace and always aim to deliver cost savings on your cleaning contracts, whilst maintaining the high standards your customers expect.

Trusted Cleaning Contractors

We’re mobilising local, regional and national cleaning contracts each and every day. We strive to earn our clients trust through consistently delivering on our promises.

Exceptional quality of cleans is our standard and we ensure this expectation is met by implementing a rigorous ISO 9001 quality assurance program from start to finish.

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